About us...


We are Kat and Lisa. Two women who only met in person this year; two women who have been living with vaginismus for many years. Although our stories are quite different, the impact of living with vaginismus has been the same. For years we have both lived our lives feeling isolated, ashamed and frustrated. We have carried our secret from those close to us, which in itself has impacted upon our relationships and self-esteem. That's the thing about vaginismus; it's way more than just a physical condition. The wider impact has been profound. And, to be quite frank, we are tired of it! 


We are only two women who have been living this way, and yet we know there are thousands of others out there feeling this too. And that is simply not good enough. We are not professionals. We are not here to advise. We are just two women who understand what it feels like to live with this condition. 


It is our hope that The Vaginismus Network will educate, connect, support and empower women who are living with this condition.