The Vaginismus Network Community

Our aim is to build a community of women with vaginismus, and help make connections between women who live near one another or who are in similar situations.

To join, simply send us your name (or nickname), contact email address and your location:

Also- please complete our survey and tell us what you would like from The Vaginismus Network:

We're delighted to announce our first Vaginismus Network event, on April 13th in London.  See invite below for details.

You can book a free space by clicking here

While we are very excited about this, we understand that attending a vaginismus event might be nerve-wracking and cause some anxiety.  We want to provide as much support as we can so if you'd like to chat before the event, or ask any questions, send us an email or text or call 07429 142 483.  We'll do what we can to make you feel confident enough to come along- including meeting you outside and walking in with you!  We want all women to benefit from meeting other women with vaginismus, as meeting one another has been so important to us! xx