One Month In...

The Vaginismus Network is one month old today! 

We’re not quite sure where the time has gone, and we wanted to stop and reflect... 

We created the network with the sole intention of connecting women with vaginismus. Yes, we have other goals we’d love to work to but, for us, this is the single most important one. We are delighted that, since launching the network, women worldwide have had the courage to reach out and contact us. Many women with vaginismus are out there wanting to join the network and connect with others, to share their stories, ideas and information. This has hands down been the most positive part of our journey so far. We are currently building a database of names and locations so that we can match women locally. As we have said, meeting another woman with vaginismus has made the world of difference for us and has shedded a great deal of the feeling of isolation that having vaginismus brings. Plus we are finding that it really is a small world: one woman lives just a stones throw away from Lisa and they’re arranging to meet for coffee at one of their local hangouts. All of this has made us realise that there are women everywhere, many suffering alone with this. And that shouldn’t be the case! Through the network we really hope to make a difference. We both believe that, had we found something like this ten years ago, it could have helped us feel a whole lot better about ourselves. 

During this first month we have also had therapists, sexperts, sex educators and other inspiring professionals connect with us to offer their help, share our website and support what we are doing. We are so very grateful for this support. ‘Women empowerment’ really is a thing. 

As we have said before - we are new and we want other womens’ views and feedback as we continue to grow our network. Please do share your views and ideas! 

In the meantime watch this space for more blog posts lined up: one from a fabulous lady who manages a wonderful sex shop, and another to follow from a lady who would like to share her vaginismus success story. 

Again, Thank You! 

Lisa and Kat xx